Digitize This, by Marlene Bruce


2005 Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash

August 4-7, 2005

This was my second time at the JGBB, and Kevin's sixth or seventh. You can read my glowing report of the 2004 JGBB here. This year's was just as wonderful. Frank and Leah joined us, adding their handy camping skills, supplies, decorations, energy and good nature to ours. We spent time both in camp and wandering around, and had a nice time down by the big stage on Saturday night, watching a poi spinner using glowsticks, among other sights. We ate a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches from a roving (delivering), energetic and enterprising vendor, whose girlfriend was grilling the sandwiches up, a buck a piece, as fast as folks could eat them.

Sorry, I didn't happen to make a note of who was playing this music festival (I'm actually creating this travelogue almost a year later!). While we do go for the music (to some degree, mostly the ambiance it creates), we're there for more … the general vibe, family, vendors and setting: one of our favorites. I have no photos of the stage or general farm layout this year, see 2004.

Chicks on post. Girl saving chicks.

The first afternoon at Sunshine Daydream, a passerby discovered these chicks (and more) nestled inside a nearby log post by their mother, who flew in to feed them. A car had come by and bumped the post, knocking out some of the chicks. The woman pictured straightened the post and helped the birds back in.

Closeup of lone chick.

The birds appeared to be a type of wren. I really liked the feathers around their eyes. Sadly, the next morning we discovered the post entirely knocked down by a vehicle arriving in the night. All of the birds were gone, hopefully safe with their mother.

Frank, with Leah climbing a tree. Leah in the tree.

Frank and Leah were a big help in putting a great camp together. Leah is a very good climber, and she scaled at least three trees to secure our tarps in the most advantageous manner.

Fellow prepares to throw a rope-bound shoe to Leah.The throw!Leah unties the rope.

This was the highest Leah climbed. In order to get the rope to her, we tied it around a shoe, and a neighbor threw the shoe to Leah. It was really fun watching the attempts he made, and then Leah finally catching the shoe. Our camp turned out dreamy:

Our camp right.

Our camp center.

Our camp left.

Kevin builds a fire in our makeshift fire pit.

Kevin enjoyed building this fire, and we drew a lot of people into camp with it and our inviting setting.

Kevin and neighbor by our fire.

Where are these photos from?: These are photos I took at Sunshine Daydream Music Park in Terra Alta, WV.