Digitize This, by Marlene Bruce


Travelogue (& Eventlogue)

Fully linked locations or events lead to photologues, related journal entries, or finished memoirs. Linked "notes" lead to memorandums, which probably won't be of interest to anyone except me.

Most Popular: Burning Man 2004 to 2006Starwood 2005Rainbow Gathering 2005Wear What You Dare BowlingPirate's Feast 2004Japanese Tea GardenMonterey AquariumYosemite

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Date(s) Location Purpose
February 3-4   New York City, NY   Chemistry (Party)
March 9-11   Montauk, Long Island, NY   Burning Beach Ball
May 24-28   Odessa, DE   Playa del Fuego (Spring 2007)
June 29-July 1   Gore, VA   Improv del Fuego
July 19-23   Horse Shoe, NC   Transformus 2007
July 26-29   Berkeley Springs, WV (Homestead Cabin)   Sherri's Birthday Week
August 2-5   Terra Alta, West Virginia   Jerry Garcia's Birthday Bash 2007
August 10-12   Wilmington, NC   Visit Cosmic Ray and Bash
Aug 21-Sept 4   Black Rock Desert, NV   Burning Man 2007
Date(s) Location Purpose
January 28-29   Apex, NC   Transforma Meet-n-Greet
March 28-April 2   Tampa, FL   Russell & Shelly's First Retirement
April 29   Washington, DC   Troy's Going Away Party
May 19-21   Linden, VA   Effigy Burn Party Weekend
June 3   Bryans Road, MD   Dickerson Wedding
June 10   Harpers Ferry, WV   PDF DeCompression
June 17   Potomac, MD   DC Fire Conclave Video Shoot
June 24   Potomac, MD   Meredith's Bonfire
July 4   Linden, VA   Freedom Party
July 7-9   Assateague Island, MD   Assateague NOT-a-Burn
July 21-24   Horse Shoe, NC   Transformus 2006
Aug. 28-Sept. 4   Black Rock Desert, NV   Burning Man 2006
September 4-9   Big Sur to San Francisco, CA   See the sights
Sept. 30-Oct. 1   Deep Creek Lake, MD   Dad Foreman's 70th Birthday
October 28   Washington, DC   Halloween Throwdown
November 18   Washington, DC   Fur Ball Decompression
December 9   Washington, DC   Santarchy DC 2006
December 15   Potomac, MD   Naughty or Nice?
December 16   Takoma Park, MD   Birthday Booty Bash
December 31   Bethesda, MD   Liz's New Year's Farewell
Date(s) Location Purpose
February 5   Adelphi, MD   Pirates' Feast 2005
February 12-13   Frederick, MD   Wear What You Dare Bowling
February 19-20   Wilson, NC   Grandma B's 90th Birthday
April 16   Greenbelt, MD   Ariesfest 2005
April 23   Adelphi, MD   Rich and Izolda's Wedding
June 1-5   Artemis, PA   Fires Rising
June ?-?   Terra Alta, West Virginia   Brew Glass Festival
July 1-6   Cranberry Glades, West Virginia   Rainbow Gathering 2005
July 19-24   Sherman, New York   Starwood Festival
August 4-7   Terra Alta, West Virginia   Jerry Garcia's Birthday Bash 2005
Aug. 29-Sept.6   Black Rock Desert, NV   Burning Man 2005
October 15   Wilson, NC   Visit Grandma B & get furniture
December   New England and New York   Family Holiday Vacation
Date(s) Location Purpose
January 31   Adelphi, MD   Pirates' Feast 2004
February 15-18   New York, NY   Toy Fair (New York City Views)
May   Boston, Old Saybrook, Block Island, Mohonk   New England Vacation
May/June   Linden, VA   Blue Ridge Mountains in May
June 24-27   Columbus, OH   Origins Game Convention
July 1-5   Assateague, MD   Fourth of July Campout
August 5-8   Terra Alta, WV   Jerry Garcia's Birthday Bash 2004
Aug. 29-Sept. 6   Black Rock Desert, NV   Burning Man 2004
September 6-12   Driving across the US, from NV to MD   Returning from Burning Man
December 12-13   Greenbriar, W.Va.   The Greenbriar Resort
December 26-31   Tampa, FL   Visit Russell and Shelly
Date(s) Location Purpose
January 4 San Francisco, CA Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park
January 18 Monterey, CA Monterey Bay Aquarium
January 24-25 Yosemite, CA Yosemite for Rash's birthday
February 6-12 Driving across the US, from CA to Maryland Moving
February 14-21 New York, NY Toy Fair '03
March 16-20 Las Vegas, NV GAMA Trade Show
March 20-24 Palo Alto and San Francisco, CA The SF Asian Art Museum (visiting Rash)
May 23-26 Baltimore, MD Balticon Game Convention
June 21-24 Santa Cruz-Carmel, CA Woodies on the Wharf, Pinnacles,
Patrick Dougherty, 13-mile Drive,
Bixby Bridge
June 24-30 Columbus, OH Origins Game Convention
July 18 Washington, DC Sackler Gallery
July 22-28 Indianapolis, IN GenCon Game Convention
(Indiannapolis Views)
August 27-31 Vancouver/Victoria, BC Birthday Rendezvous with Rash,
Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe,
Vancouver & Victoria
October 11 Rural Maryland Bonfire at Meg and Joe's
November 7-9 Edison, New Jersey Lollagazebo Game Convention
December 25-31 Tampa, FL and DC Metro Area National Play Week Winter Vacation
Date(s) Location Purpose
March 14-18 Portland, OR White Day, Visit Erika and Amanda
(Portland Views)
March 29 South of Half Moon Bay, CA Day trip with Kerin and David
August 30-
September 1
Mendocino, CA Weekend getaway,
Charles Schulz Museum
September 6-8 Lake Tahoe NV / CA Weekend getaway
September 12-15 College Park, Maryland Work and play at Wunderland
October 26-27 Big Sur, CA Camping & hiking
November 8-10 Anaheim, CA MPP/SSDP Conference
November 10-13 Shenandoah Mountains, VA Looney family reunion
(Shenandoah Views)
December 22-28 Hyattsville, MD Christmas at the homestead
Date(s) Location Purpose
January 26-29 San Jose & San Francisco Bay Area, CA Visit Rash
(San Jose and Bay Area Views)
February 3-4 Charlottesville, VA (notes) Visit Lee and Annaliese Moyer
February 11 Washington, DC (Phillips Collection) (notes) Wayne Thiebaud Exhibit
February 19-22 Boston & Cambridge, MA (notes) Usability Testing for Fannie Mae
March 9-17 Austin, TX (notes) evolt.org Admincon & SXSW
Visit Erik & Maggie
May 11-15 Greater San Francisco Bay Area, CA Visit Rash, explore the area
August 8-9 Pleasantville & Atlantic City, NJ To see Lucy, etc.
September 14-23 Rome, Florence & Torino (Turin), Italy Vacation & Visit Stefano
(photos of Turino and Florence)
October 19-26 Driving across the US, from Washington DC to San Jose, CA (via San Antonio, TX) Moving
November 21-25 Maryland Thanksgiving
December 23-29 Hyattsville, MD and Pennsylvania Christmas