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Woodies on the Wharf

June 21, 2003

After visiting Patrick Dougherty's "A Capella," Rash and I cruised on down to Santa Cruz, and hightailed it out onto the pier in order to see these special cars. They were lined up to leave, and while I missed (or blurred) some, this photo collection is pretty inclusive. You can read more about the event at the title link, and on Rash's "dozen views of some mighty tasty rides."

I'm not an automobile afficionado—and there are 101 vehicles pictured here—so I don't provide any information about the cars. It's a long shot, but if you are passionate about cars and want to send me identification notes, I'll post them. Otherwise, enjoy looking. Most images are between 45-65k.

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IMG_6559.jpg (50kb) IMG_6563.jpg (54kb) IMG_6565.jpg (44kb) IMG_6566.jpg (53kb) IMG_6568.jpg (54kb)
IMG_6569.jpg (52kb) IMG_6570.jpg (48kb) IMG_6571.jpg (54kb) IMG_6572.jpg (48kb) IMG_6573.jpg (50kb)
IMG_6574.jpg (51kb) IMG_6576.jpg (52kb) IMG_6577.jpg (51kb) IMG_6578.jpg (52kb) IMG_6580.jpg (49kb)
IMG_6581.jpg (50kb) IMG_6582.jpg (50kb) IMG_6583.jpg (45kb) IMG_6584.jpg (48kb) IMG_6585.jpg (47kb)
IMG_6586.jpg (47kb) IMG_6587.jpg (46kb) IMG_6588.jpg (54kb) IMG_6589.jpg (59kb) IMG_6590.jpg (51kb)
IMG_6591.jpg (53kb) IMG_6594.jpg (51kb) IMG_6595.jpg (52kb) IMG_6596.jpg (50kb) IMG_6598.jpg (49kb)
IMG_6599.jpg (52kb) IMG_6600.jpg (63kb) IMG_6602.jpg (64kb) IMG_6603.jpg (59kb) IMG_6604.jpg (52kb)
IMG_6605.jpg (55kb) IMG_6606.jpg (59kb) IMG_6607.jpg (56kb) IMG_6608.jpg (63kb) IMG_6609.jpg (61kb)
IMG_6610.jpg (64kb) IMG_6611.jpg (52kb) IMG_6612.jpg (64kb) IMG_6613.jpg (54kb) IMG_6614.jpg (53kb)
IMG_6615.jpg (56kb) IMG_6616.jpg (50kb) IMG_6617.jpg (60kb) IMG_6618.jpg (56kb) IMG_6619.jpg (60kb)
IMG_6620.jpg (59kb) IMG_6621.jpg (57kb) IMG_6622.jpg (55kb) IMG_6623.jpg (58kb) IMG_6624.jpg (55kb)
IMG_6625.jpg (56kb) IMG_6626.jpg (56kb) IMG_6628.jpg (55kb) IMG_6629.jpg (51kb) IMG_6630.jpg (57kb)
IMG_6632.jpg (62kb) IMG_6633.jpg (63kb) IMG_6634.jpg (61kb) IMG_6635.jpg (57kb) IMG_6636.jpg (60kb)
IMG_6637.jpg (62kb) IMG_6638.jpg (56kb) IMG_6639.jpg (57kb) IMG_6640.jpg (52kb) IMG_6641.jpg (61kb)
IMG_6642.jpg (51kb) IMG_6643.jpg (50kb) IMG_6645.jpg (53kb) IMG_6646.jpg (52kb) IMG_6647.jpg (59kb)
IMG_6648.jpg (57kb) IMG_6649.jpg (53kb) IMG_6650.jpg (56kb) IMG_6651.jpg (56kb) IMG_6652.jpg (57kb)
IMG_6653.jpg (58kb) IMG_6654.jpg (59kb) IMG_6655.jpg (56kb) IMG_6656.jpg (59kb) IMG_6657.jpg (57kb)
IMG_6658.jpg (59kb) IMG_6659.jpg (58kb) IMG_6660.jpg (63kb) IMG_6661.jpg (64kb) IMG_6663.jpg (60kb)
IMG_6664.jpg (50kb) IMG_6665.jpg (64kb) IMG_6667.jpg (58kb) IMG_6668.jpg (58kb) IMG_6669.jpg (63kb)
IMG_6673.jpg (53kb) IMG_6674.jpg (58kb) IMG_6675.jpg (59kb) IMG_6676.jpg (58kb) IMG_6679.jpg (61kb)
IMG_6680.jpg (62kb)