Digitize This, by Marlene Mayman
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Web Design Portfolio - Marlene Mayman

(Selected projects)


This customizable portal site for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores is designed to target diverse US and international audiences: pharmacists, drug manufacturers, conference organizers, merchandisers, the US government and the public.

Proposed site design, including conceptual and functional design of personalization feature. Engineered HTML/CSS templates for the chosen design direction.

NACDS home. NACDS content. NACDS personalize.

El Cid Resorts

New information architecture and proposed site design.

El Cid home. El Cid content.

Looney Labs Game Company

Proposed web site design direction, with portals, to be run by a content management system (CMS).

Looney Labs home page.

Fannie Mae

Six syndicated home-buying calculators (two in Spanish).
Assistance with simplification of application flow. Interface design and complete HTML/CSS; style guide; usability testing.

In English
Affordability Analyzer (AA)
Probable Qualifier (PQ)
Refinance Calculator
True Cost Calculator (TCC)
In Spanish
Calculador de su poder adquisitivo (AA)
Calculador de verdaderos costos (TCC)

Refinance calculator home. Fannie Mae affordability analyzer. Affordability analyzer in Spanish.

Fannie Mae probable qualifier home. True cost calculator home. True cost calculator Spanish.

FedEx, Sears and Walmart with Fannie Mae

The Fannie Mae calculators were syndicated for public use by companies like BET.com, and privately on organization intranets.

These are proposed designs for affiliation with FedEx, Sears and Walmart, tying the tools into the existing sites.

Fannie Mae with FedEx. Fannie Mae with Sears. Fannie Mae with Walmart.

Carr America

Proposed web site design direction, based on a few provided graphical elements and a content outline.

Carr America home.


Complete web site conceptualization (to stress company's main products), information architecture, graphic design and front-end HTML/CSS coding. Interfaced with back-end developers for CivicFlash database component. Usability testing and complete site management.

Site was meant to appeal to community and organization leaders and members alike, hence its less-corporate feel.

Civic Zone home. Civic Zone content.

Amazing Media Inc.

Second site design, HTML and management.

This content-page layout is very lightly based on one which was quickly produced by another designer. Completely redesigned navigation bar, simplified font variations and colors, and improved legibility of the side-bar features.

Amazing Media home. Amazing media content.

Web application IA, step simplification and prototype design.

This six-step prototype was designed to guide users through the process of creating an interactive banner advertisement. The steps needed to be clearly labelled, described, and kept as concise as possible. Originally this same process was developed using triple the number of pages, which were often lengthy besides.

Amazing Media prototype.

Initial very quick (stop-gap) site redesign and development.

Amazing Media older home. Amazing Media older content.


A portal site specifically for chain drug store retailers and suppliers.

Information architecture and site design (modified during their implementation). The site was to be database driven, and because of the nature of the content, server environment, and the needs of their audience the design had to be ultra-lightweight (almost no graphics). Color choice was mandated by the client (red, white and blue).

Chain Drug Store home.

Diva Competition

Web design, information architecture, registration/competition application flow, and HTML/CSS. (Top banner image provided by client.)

Diva Competition home.


STYLE GUIDE (download PDF of five sample pages, 744k)

Plumtree portal project lasting two weeks (as contracter). Portal user interface design and style guide.

Chevron Texaco Agbami portal.

Back Country Massage

Branding design, complete site design and implementation.

Back country massage home.

Mountain Mystic Trading Company

Web site redesign, development and eCommerce implementation using MivaMerchant.

Mountain Mystic home.

Opening Horizons Well Being Company

Web design, HTML/CSS.

Opening horizons home.