Digitize This, by Marlene Mayman
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Graphic Design and Illustration

The following are selected designs and illustrations I've create both on and off the job for a wide variety of uses. Additional samples available on request.

Marketeing Materials

Catalog pages:
Spa catalog pages.

Front and back of trifold brochure:
Looney Labs brochure (outside). Looney Labs brochure (inside).

Salon and spa menu, announcement and intake form:
Salon and spa menu, announcement and intake form.

Valentine's Day massage postcard.Looney Labs promotional postcard.
Back Country Massage newsletter.

Gift certificate flyers:
Massage gift certificate signs.

Product flyers:

Looney Labs promotional flyer.

Looney Labs Fluxx promotional flyer.

Rack card front and back:
Rack card for NOVA/BCM. NOVA/BCM rack card back.

Product and Packaging Design

Blister pack design for card game:
Packaging for the card game Family Fluxx.

Logos and Business Cards

Sensorium business card.

Opening Horizons logo and business card.

Back Country Massage logo.

Back Country Massage business card front. Back Country Massage business card back.


Cover image for a white paper:
Reconfigurable Computing Technology - illustration.

Green Man Burning:
Burning green man illustration.

Peace Symbols
For the Mountain Mystic web site:

Peace symbols from around the world.

This trading card game was created and published by Buccaneer Games.
The following images can be found in the first edition and first expansion set:

Sentient Cephalopod:
Sentient cephalopod illustration.

Underwater City:
Underwater city illustration.

Technical Illustration

These images illustrate components and techniques for assembling and using a "VIPstation™," a computing product by a NASA spin-off company, TSI-Telsys. Here is one of the full illustrations:
Technical illustration of computer setup.

VIPstation front. Removing the cover.


Stickers, Patches, Jewelry

Laser cut and etched jewelry designs; sticker and patch designs for a fire performance group (swag for an event):

Four designs for laser cut and etched jewelry.Patch.

PDF Fire Conclave & Great Balls of Fire sticker.

Political bumper stickers:
Political Dog bumper stickers.

Shop Display Design

Counter for Bicycle Store
Specifications and silhouette facing design for a counter:
Counter design elevation view.

Counter design elevation view with art.

Communication Materials, etc.

Community newsletter:
University Hills community newsletter.

Convention schedule:
Convention schedule.

Computer GUI (Graphical User Interface)

GUI Buttons
These buttons were for the 1996 graphical user interface (GUI) of a piece of technical software (operating hardware which processed satellite telemetry data). I created 248 buttons in all, based on a predefined palette of 58 colors.

GUI buttons - illustration.