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Transforma Meet-n-Greet — Apex, NC

January 28-29, 2006

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Transformus is a regional burn, and this was a Meet-n-Greet for Transforma, or folks on the NC regional Burner list. Vic, aka Diesel (*BOOM*), held this event at his place, the day before he moved to Arizona. Kevin and I met and rode down with Wineman (Scott), who'd brought two cases of his truly delicious homemade wine; fruit flavors like strawberry, mulberry and peach, and a lot more, even chocolate wine!

We got to meet an eclectic group of burners and non-burners, and by the end of the evening Kevin and I were convinced that Transformus is the first regional burn we're going to attend. Unfortunately it's the same weekend as Starwood, which we'd hoped to make again this year. While it's shorter, Transformus is also one sixth the price, closer, and promises to be time well spent.

This was definitely a burner party, with a flame throwing sculpture, at least 25 Christmas trees collected for burning, pews and a plywood couch around the bonfire, and fire spinners (poi, fire fans, fire staves, and so forth). There was an endless spread of food and drink, raucous music, and a very wide, unstable swing that saw more than one person tip over onto the dirt. While some folks had fun being "naughty," everyone we spoke with really was very nice.

Kevin and I had a great time and slept well in our cozy tent.

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