Digitize This, by Marlene Bruce



Views Around the Indianapolis Convention Center

July 22-27, 2003

I work for Looney Labs, a fabulous company that designs and publishes really fun card and board games. This means I attend approximately 6 gaming conventions and trade shows a year. GenCon, one of the largest gaming conventions in the US, is now held in Indianapolis.

I liked last month's Origins better for the Con and Rabbit community and the Big Experiment, but I really liked what I saw of Indianapolis ... everyone was impressed. Beautiful mix of high-quality old and new architecture, almost cosmopolitan. Who knew?!

Here are some views I captured, all within a few blocks of the Convention Center and the nearby Hyatt (where we stayed). Click to see more:

(68k, 56k & 44k)
The Indianapolis Artsgarden - This glassy structure is propped above the intersection of Washington and Illinois streets. Linked above are views from our Hyatt window, approaching from the street, and standing underneath the Artsgarden. Also, here's an interactive panoramic photo of the inside you can explore.

(24k, 32k & 28k)
Notable fixtures - The first above is an unidentified statue also visible from our hotel window. Second is a representative streetlight for the area, with some kind of interesting apparatus I surmise is used to conveniently lower the fixture when the bulb needs changing. Last above is one of several crystalline-like lights which illuminate the park next to the Hyatt.

(48k, 44k, 44k & 20k)
General views - The clock appears on a block of attractive buildings (I pieced it together from three photos; it's not usually got the angular feel). Next is a street scene with one of many above-ground walkways connecting buildings. Third is one corner of the pretty Convention Center (the RCA dome in back). Last is a blurry & unidentified angular building with dots of blue lights.

(40k, 40k, 48k & 48k)
The Eagle's Nest - Atop the dramatically-lit Hyatt (pictured left) is this rotating restaurant outlined in double blue neon. We ate a tasty meal there one evening and like a merry-go-round, just the floor rotates while the walls remain stationary. The center photos are through the windows, the first showing reflections of the blue neon, then the nearby State Capitol building. A park near the Capitol appears last.

(116k & 72k)
Indiana Repertory Theatre - The animated gif links to both day and night views of this beautiful theatre, taken (again) from our hotel window. GenCon hosted a party in one of the theatre's large rentable rooms, which I found rather ineligantly decorated. The tiled entrance was nice.

(44k, 48k & 52k)
Neon at Maryland Street - A building housing Einstein Bros. Bagels sported nifty neon-like decorations. I'm not sure if it was genuine neon or what, but the fanciful animals, birds and insects were fun.(Russell - watch out for the spanking hand!) The nearby corner cinema sported purple neon.

(56k, 56k, 60k & 44k)
Neon elsewhere - Goodman Jewelers must be out of business, and I'm fairly certain the once-lovely neon will soon disappear (the storefront was walled off for gutting). I sure would love to get my hands on the word JEWELERS for the font alone. Next is a restaurant just down the block, sporting not only glass bricks but metal filigree visible in the lower right corner. The last two images are from the Trackside off-track betting facility (yick).