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DC Fire Conclave Video Shoot — Potomac, MD

June 17, 2006

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Kevin and I have volunteered as fire safeties for the DC Fire Conclave team for this year's Burning Man. Every year at BM the Man is burned on Saturday night. Before the structure is set aflame, various fire performance teams from around the country encircle the base of the Man and perform for an audience of nearly 40,000 attendees. As safeties, we help make sure none of the fire artists are injured during the event, and put out their fire tools when a performance segment is done.

Prior to Burning Man, teams compete to be chosen for the honor of performing. To that end the DC team 's 20-ish fire artists (including fire fans, poi, fire hoop, flaming stilts, fire darts, fire fingers, and more) and 10-ish safeties prepared for last weekend's video shoot, to submit a tape to the powers that be at BM.

Brenda — head of the DC Fire Conclave team — seems fairly confident that our team will be one of those selected. We sure hope so, a lot of effort has gone into the choreography, practicing, pulling together costumes, finding our awesome video team, and other preparations.

The hard work shows … the performances done for the video shoot looked fabulous!

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