Digitize This, by Marlene Bruce



Pirates' Feast

January 31, 2004


My friend Chort (a.k.a. John Montrie) has been organizing an annual Pirates' Feast at the Adelphi Mill for 20 years now. I had two tickets to this anniversary event, which sold out back in September (thank goodness for friendship and waiting lists!).

Chort lent Kevin a Captain Morgan-style outfit, most of it authentic replicas from the Cavalier period, including the once-working pistol. I borrowed pieces from Paula (Chort's wife), Jamie and Michelle, since the Cavalier dress made for me 5+ years ago is too big!

We got to the Feast about 6 and left when things shut down. Adelphi Mill has three levels: the downstairs is for dressing and is mostly unused, while the main floor is set up with a bar and buffet. Most of the action is upstairs; long feast tables line three sides of the dance floor, with musicians playing at one end.

Everyone is in costume, there's plenty to eat and drink, and we were entertained by bawdy songs, ribbon dancing, step dancing and belly dancing. When there wasn't a specific performance some of us would get out there and Waltz / Maxixe / Polka, etc.

Tables are decorated with stuff people bring … candelabras, treasure chests, wooden bowls and plates, pewter cups and goblets and steins, and beverages are paid for with gold coins, gems, beads and the like (Kevin paid one barmaid with a kiss).

Pirates leered and sneered, the Chancellor banged his staff and treatened, the Queen waved, bellydancers provided pirate porno (as someone called it), one naughty wench was banished to Australia, peasants and pirates alike lunged after a handful of tossed gold coins, barmaids took payment in their cleavage, insults were traded (but duels and swordfights were avoided), and so forth.

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