Digitize This, by Marlene Bruce



Ariesfest 2005 (Greenbelt, MD)

April 16, 2005

This was the fourth party we've attended at Dorian and Amethyst's, and they really throw great ones. We helped set up this year, contributing not just hours, but tapestries, candle lanterns, and decorating help. (A number of people pitch in to set-up.) A lot of the photos are before the party started, plus a few candid shots and our belly dance entertainment by Shahrazad. Surprisingly, we didn't spend much time in the Den of Iniquity this party, and I didn't dance until late, just before things began shutting down around 4:30 AM.

We were to come as a god, goddess, or mythological creature. I was the Goddes of Curves (in that same swirly gold dress from Bowling, people loved my moniker), and Kevin the God of Shimmer.

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