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Wear What You Dare Bowling (Frederick, MD)

February 12-13
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Wow, was this ever a fun event! First advertised as Wear What you Dare Bowling …or Nothing at All! (a.k.a. Naked Pagan Bowling) … the parameters had to be changed when the Evite got too much attention and it was learned that venues selling alcohol couldn't have nude patrons, even for a private event. Therefore the evening was made public and re-billed as a costume party at the alley's usual Rock 'n' Bowl.

Now my sweetie Kevin and I weren't going to go naked, but we did have fabulous outfits planned. But when we arrived and Kevin saw that it wasn't private, he decided to wait on donning his costume 'til the party moved back to a hotel suite. That meant I never got any photos of him and his silver holographic clothing (did anyone else?).

We had about a third of the duckpin bowling alley, while local Fred-necks scowled from the other two-thirds. Apparently we weren't popular with all of the patrons, for while many of the male observers seemed to enjoy the spectacle, their female counterparts didn't react so favorably, making snide remarks to some of our ladies about their inappropriate dress in front of the children. And children they had, many as young as three it seemed, out at 11 PM on a Saturday night. When I heard such comments were being made, my thoughts (in part) included wondering why their young children weren't tucked away in bed by seven or eight. But that's just me.

After the bowling alley closed at midnight (turned out the ending time of noon Sunday was a typo on the Evite) many of us met afterwards at a hotel suite rented to continue the night's party. We tried to be quiet and were only told to keep it down by the nice manager once. But still we had a little drumming and guitar, and Dorian talked me into belly dancing again (this time with with a new costume and zils [finger cymbals] to a CD). We held a banana and moonpie eating contest and one of the ladies donned a sophisticated plastic wrap dress, fashioned by a guy who knew how. I know I've seen directions for how to make them on-line, but for the life of me I can't find any now.

I'm wearing the slinky gold dress. Can you believe I've lost 65 pounds?! (At the weight I am now my first husband was telling me I was fat!)

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