Digitize This, by Marlene Bruce


Charles Schulz Museum and Ice Rink

August 30, 2002

Here are a few photos of the Charles Schulz Museum and Schulz's Redwood Empire Ice Arena.

Rash and I visited the museum 4 days after it opened, on the way up to Mendocino. The museum is just across the street from Schulz's three decade old rink. Apparently the rink can be quickly converted to a concert hall, and has hosted performances by the likes of Liberace and Bill Cosby.

We couldn't really photograph inside the museum, but here are a couple pictures showing the cartoon tiles used to decorate a large wall and inside the bathrooms. The large ice rink has a decidedly Swiss Chalet influence, outside and in, and has a cafe in front (selling things like coffee and hot dogs):

  1. Schulz Museum sign.
  2. Schulz Museum facade.
  3. Cartoon wall, made up of tiles of individual strips.
  4. Strip close-up in the men's room.
  5. Schulz Ice Rink building.
  6. Rink facade (Happiness is a Warm Puppy [Cafe]).
  7. Rink from the Warm Puppy Cafe cafe windows.
  8. The cafe's stained glass windows.
  9. Snoopy statue in the rink entrance.
  10. View of the rink.
  11. Ice rink seats and decoration.
  12. Swiss banners on the rink wall.

Schulz museum sign.Schulz museum facade.Schulz museum cartoon tile wall.Schulz Museum cartoon tile.
Schulz rink building.Schulz rink front.Schulz rink from the cafe windows.Schulz Warm Puppy Cafe.
Snoopy statue.Schulz ice rink.Ice rink seats and decoration.Banners on the rink wall.